Advocacy, Empowerment, Participation: Community Organizing

Please click on the link below to experience my journey towards learning how to advocate, empower, and participate for constituents through community organizing.

Final Essay


Giving Back: Volunteer Work

  • Prairie Estates: Resident Assessments, Facilitated Resident Council, Participated in Resident Activities
  • Farmers Market: Advocacy, Community Organizing, Relationship Building
  • Sioux Falls Gospel Mission: Ministry Services, Sorted Clothing, Relationship Building
  • Pine Ridge Reservation: Assisted with building a community recreation gym
  • Big Springs Baptist Church: Youth Ministries, CYF & JYF Programs
  • Akron-Westfield CSD: IEP, History Day, and Volunteer Chaperone
  • Human Trafficking Advocacy:
    • MVP Summit-West, East, and North high school students
    • Social Media-East and North middle school students
    • Red Sand Project: SDSU students and parents from Matthews Dorm,
    • Change Opportunity: Created a brochure titled “Human Trafficking: How to Protect Yourself on Social Media”